I have always envisioned my primary role in medicine as that of being a teacher, and I have discovered over the years that delivering the intended message with a quirky expression and then elaborating on its meaning has served me quite well in attempting to convey instructive points. Now I do not claim to have personally invented all of the phrases which headline the chapters to follow, and I would most happily give credit where credit is due if I could only remember, but most are fairly original and the interpretations are entirely my own.

These essays are not lectures handed down by some higher authority but rather the observations of a fellow traveler, a father who also happens to be a physician. Roughly a third of what I have to say regarding these subjects is derived from all my formal medical training, a second third from experience gained through long hours put in over many years in my pediatric practice, but the origin of the final (and probably most valuable) portion of these insights are the result of having children of my own. Yes, Rachel and Keith have taught me much about the art of being a parent, both regarding what works and most definitely what does not, and anecdotes about my family will liberally pepper these pages as instructive lessons in humility. Mine, that is. And oh, my, have I ever been humbled….

The following opinions are entirely my own, and I guarantee in advance that none of you will find yourself in complete agreement with what I have to say. But that’s okay, because out of controversy or disagreement often emerges a new way of looking at an old subject. Even if you do find my approach somewhat difficult or it becomes a little prickly at times I hope I never fail to entertain.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to fill out the short form below. Thank you for your thoughts and your interest.