Messy Room

Families are so fascinating. For me personally discovering and gaining an appreciation of all the various types has been one of the most intriguing aspects of my life as a pediatrician. There is, of course, the classic structure of Dad… Read more »

Toddler Fighting Parent for Device

Many years ago, back when I was a half-dead Pediatric Resident dozing through yet another interminable Morning Report at the hospital where I trained, I heard the lecturer of the day make the statement which is the title of this… Read more »

Father Consoling Son

Strange as it may seem, there will be be times in your children’s lives when they actually need you. And by that I don’t mean just putting a Band-Aid on a scraped knee. No, I am referring to the rough… Read more »


Long before the term “helicopter parent” became fashionable I noticed a disturbing phenomenon in my practice. Many parents are way too child-oriented these days, and that is not a healthy trend for anyone involved. Back when I was a youngster… Read more »