Middle School

Growing up these days is a whole lot more complicated than it was a generation ago. As a matter of fact, certain periods can be a living hell. And the deepest pit of the inferno of childhood is the crucible… Read more »


For many years I have tantalized and amused families in my practice with the concept that there exist a quartet of really troublesome ages, each with its own distinctively foul flavor. The inspiration for this, of course, stems from observations… Read more »

Girl with Dreadlocks

Of all my little sayings—and there certainly are a number of them—this is the one which always seems to generate the greatest controversy. Many parents upon receiving this nugget of advice become greatly disturbed and feel compelled to debate the… Read more »


Adolescence, the period in which a child evolves from innocent, trusting pre-pubertal being into a mature, independent adult, is amazingly complex .The two principal dynamics working in parallel during this process are the physical and the psychological, and in order… Read more »