• mother and son
    Parents unfairly claim too much of the credit and shoulder too much of the blame for the outcomes of their offspring, which is unfair to both them and their children.
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  • Little Girl Potty Training
    Toilet Training
    Generally speaking, our primary responsibilities in the care of our children consist of simply feeding, clothing, and driving them places. But there will be times when they need much more from us.
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  • Face Piercing
    Tattoos & Piercing
    Kids are doing it, parents are doing it, sometimes it seems these days as if everybody is doing it. What’s going on here? Is this a new phenomenon, or is it a custom as ancient as time itself?
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  • Dont Lie
    Talking to your Child
    Words are important. Especially, it seems, when it comes to parenting. Herein lies a simple approach which hopefully will keep you on the right path.
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  • Yawning
    There are few things in parenting more frustrating and confusing than having a child who doesn’t sleep through the night. However, accomplishing this goal isn’t as difficult as one would think. You just need to know the ground rules.
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  • Middle School
    Seventh Grade
    Navigating through the rocky waters of Middle School has never been more difficult, both for children and their parents. The good news is that it's only temporary.
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  • Messy Room
    Knowing how to handle the different situations which arise with your children is a whole lot easier if there is a strategy in place. In other words, you need to have a game plan. Here’s how...
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  • Toddler Fighting Parent for Device
    A parent ideally should be loved by their child, and respected by their child---but not necessarily liked by their child. At least not all the time...
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  • Father Consoling Son
    Generally speaking, our primary responsibilities in the care of our children consist of simply feeding, clothing, and driving them places. But there will be times when they need much more from us.
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  • Selfie
    Parental Roles
    Child-orienting parenting is quite in vogue these days. Like so much in life it’s not really a bad idea, but beware. Don’t overdo it.
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  • Not Eating
    The title of this chapter is a bit misleading as it really isn’t even about nutrition. Hey, everybody knows which foods are healthy and which aren’t, right? That part’s easy. The trick is figuring out how to get your child to eat the good stuff.
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  • Sleeping Girl
    A newborn baby offers a unique set of challenges, not the least of which is adjusting to all of their particular peculiarities. These amazing little creatures are so much fun, but one must always remain somewhat wary.
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  • I Love You Mom
    My Malaprop Mom
    A brief ode to my wacky, wonderful mom, and a salute to mothers everywhere.
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  • Pills
    An appropriate philosophy to the use---or non-use---of medicines is something every family need to address.
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  • Doctor Explaining Immunizations to Parents
    Be forewarned. According to national studies, forty percent of readers will completely disagree with what is written here. Read on only if you dare.
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  • Sick Child
    Sometimes it seems as if your child is getting sick constantly. For parents these periods can be frustrating, worrisome, and disruptive. But they are also quite predictable.
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  • Sick Girl Getting Medicine
    Giving Medicine
    Getting your child to take a prescribed drug can be a daunting challenge. Here’s some tips from a veteran of the battlefield.
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  • Toddler Temperature
    There are few things as distressing to a parent as their child having a fever. However, as in all things with parenting, some perspective is important.
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  • Asleep
    Why is it that our adolescent children always seem so exhausted? The answer, more often than not, is a lot simpler than one would think.
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  • Family Dinner
    Here are a couple of simple, commonsense recommendations which can yield huge benefits to your family life.
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  • Standing in the Corner
    Definitely not one of the more enjoyable aspects of being a parent but your responsibility nonetheless. Here’s an approach which may help.
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  • Adolescence
    Difficult Ages
    In the life of a child there will always be the good and the, well, the not-so-good. Now, a parent doesn’t really need much advice when things are going well. It’s those inevitable bad times which require some explaining....
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  • Crying Baby
    What are you supposed to do when your baby cries? Well, the one good thing about having a newborn with colic is you do get a whole lot of practice figuring out the answer.
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  • Girl with Dreadlocks
    Clothes & Hair
    In order to win the war it is essential to choose one’s battles carefully, knowing when to engage and when not to engage. This truth applies especially to parents of teenagers.
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  • Infant
    Congratulations, it’s a boy! So, now what? Should you or shouldn’t you? Let’s take a peek at the fascinating history and rationale behind the single most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States today.
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  • Happy Baby
    Breast Feeding
    There are already more than enough treatises championing the many wonderful benefits of breast milk, most of which you likely already know. The intent here is to deal with some specific practical aspects of nursing.
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  • Children
    Boys and Girls
    There are male children, and then there are female children, and each kind presents their own unique set of challenges.
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  • Education
    One of life’s ironies is that sometimes what would seem to be an advantage can actually turn out to be quite the opposite.
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  • Teenagers
    Parenting a teenager and labor have one thing in common - both can be painful, but understanding the stages definitely helps. Think of the following as your own personal Adolescence Lamaze Course.
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  • Distracted
    Both the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit disorder seem to be quite controversial. And it doesn't need to be that way. Actually, this is a relatively straightforward subject.
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