It has been my great honor to practice pediatrics for a number of years, and at this stage of my career I’d like to take the opportunity to share some of my observations, experiences, and insights.

There does exist a secondary reason behind the development of this site. The art of child-rearing seems to have veered seriously off-track recently due to a variety of misconceptions and false priorities. The only voices being heard these days are those of the extremists, and as a result parents are growing increasingly unsure about their roles and responsibilities. Mothers and fathers alike are questioning themselves as never before (“What should I say?…What should we do?”). A need exists for a philosophy which is simultaneously simple, consistent, and common-sensical. Real Pediatrics, if you will.

Being a parent is a serious assignment, perhaps the single most important task we face in our lives. However, if performed with the proper attitude it should also be both fun and rewarding. My primary objective here is that a few of the ideas presented may prove successful in providing the reader a novel or alternative method of conceptualizing common issues regarding his or her children.

But in addition, as I encourage each of you to recall, relate, and reminisce while hearing about my own family’s various trials and misadventures, I hope that on occasion it may succeed in making you smile.

Take credit for the good things about your children, blame others for the bad

Parents unfairly claim too much of the credit and shoulder too much of the blame for the outcomes of their offspring, which is unfair to both them and their children.